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FMTS offers worldwide consulting, training, services, colour project management and complete colour matching solutions for the automotive industry and their suppliers

The FMTS - Colorimetry Schroeder offers neutrally and independently support, consultation and training in all questions, projects and tasks of the colour management (Colour Matching) and to the colour and gloss measuring technique. Comprehensive experiences, which were acquired in more than fifteen years activity for international colour measuring technique enterprises in application technology, support, product and marketing management, make FMTS to an ideal partner.
FMTS compiles the optimum solutions together with the customers and their setting of tasks for colorimetry.
FMTS offers training courses and Workshops for all coworkers which took part at the colour evaluation process.
FMTS makes color and gloss measurements on behalf of the customer. We accompany our customers producer-independently e.g. with the purchase from new colour measuring instruments until a introduction of a colour management system. We determine the best solution together with our customers at their special measuring tasks and/or defaults.
FMTS offers support with the choice of the correct measuring geometry e.g. with a manual for the correct selection of a colour measuring instrument for the appropriate branch of industry and the appropriate delivery chain of the customer ( free Download under www.farbmessung.com).FMTS supports customers in the apron of new decisions by feasibility studies e.g. over: Colorimetry generally, on-line colorimetry, comparison of colour measuring systems, laboratory colour measuring systems, hand held colour measuring systems, gloss measurement, agreement of measuring systems etc..


FMTS Farbmessung Schröder
Dipl. Ing. Uwe Schröder
Am Buschberg 42
42549 Velbert

Telefon: +49 (0)2051 -31 23 43

Telefax: +49 (0)2051 -31 23 42


E-Mail: info@farbmessung.com

Internet: www.farbmessung.com

Inhouse Trainings and Workshops Worldwide:

  • Basics objective color evaluation at car bodies and delivery part
  • Color Measurement and Visual Comparisons of Paint Masters and Car Bodies
  • Correct visual and instrumental evaluation of interior car parts
  • Correct Using X-Rite MA68 II and automotive software with macro programming.
  • Correct Using X-Rite MA68 II and X-Rite metallix QC automotive software.

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Worldwide inexpencives complete solutions for the automotive industry and suppliers:

Instrument: X-Rite MA 68II

Light booth: SpectraLight III

ma68ii   spectralightIII

Color Vision Test: FM 100 Hue Test

100huetest  munsellsoftware

Consulting and Training for optimising your color control and color management


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Please send us an detailed offer: offer@munsell.eu

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